Sir Scott McDaniel


Quotes My personal experience working with Scott McDaniel as both a fellow artist and as project lead/producer, has been a rewarding experience in many ways. Scott's focus and attention to the various aspects of managing and directing the details of workflow between artists and engineers as well as managing sound, scheduling of attributes, and delivery of them even with the most demanding schedules makes him a considerable asset to any development timeframe. His commitment to a project is second to none, and his managing abilities and leadership skills provide him the loyalty of the staff he manages. His drive to raise the bar on quality across the board is influential to those fortunate to work with him, and serves well the individual growth and advancement of skills as well as clarity in seeing/sharing the vision and rising to meet the design goals at the highest standard. Scott employs a no nonsense approach, coupled with an unwavering drive to raise the bar virtually every step of Quotes
Stephen Mitchell
Advanced Character modeler/ character team lead

Quotes From project to project, the consistency of excellent business value Scott has provided the products and the teams as production/project manager has been exemplary. His techniques have helped to polish development processes and expedite product delivery times. His leadership, married with an in-tune ability for collaboration has spawned excellent core development teams that have yielded extraordinary revenue for heavy-hitting software/game publishers time and time again. Quotes
Daniel "MAC" MacGibbon
CEO Collective 101

Quotes Scott is an excellent artist and he was one of the people that helped to build the EverQuest franchise into what it is today. He was the lead artist on EverQuest during many of the early expansions and led the team to deliver the expansions on time and with a very high quality level. Through his years at SOE Scott worked on many games including our best selling PSP title ?Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the blade? and Field Commander. Scott has an excellent work ethic and a great ability to deliver extremely high quality art in a timely fashion. In addition, he?s a great team leader or team member. He never minded being put on just about any project we had and throughout his time here he was very easy to work with. I would strongly recommend him to any company that wants a top notch artist Quotes
John Smedley
CEO, Sony Online Entertainment

Quotes ?Most recently Scott has been involved in mentoring; using his years of experience to work with interns and new artists teaching them game development pipelines and methodologies. He also has worked as one of the mentors with the SOE Mentor Program at The Art Institute of California-San Diego; visiting advanced game prototype classes and offering critique and guidance for student senior projects. These mentorships have been key to our recruiting and academic advisory efforts." Quotes
Joe Shoopack
Director of Artistic development, SOE

Quotes "Scott is a very detail oriented Art Director that definitely raised the bar on the Everquest projects that we worked on together." Quotes
Jeremy Albert
Associate Producer